DIY Garden Ideas: How to build a Fire Pit

If you would like to do something different in your garden and you are searching the perfect project – maybe building a fire pit is the thing you are looking for. A fire pit brings warmth to your garden, makes a beautiful accessory and a great DIY project. Yes, you can easily build a fire pit on your own and we are here to show you how and help you choose the right tutorial for you. We’ve been searching the net for some creative, easy to follow projects and we believe the found just what we were looking for! So, take a moment to look at these DIY garden ideas we are sharing today and learn how to build a fire pit in just a few easy steps…

DIY Boulder Firepit

As we said, you will be surprised to learn how easy it can be to build a fire pit in your garden – take this awesome idea we came across at, so cool! All you need is a natural stone boulder that you carve in the middle then fixate a 15 inch circular or star shaped burner kit and fill up with some black lava rock. That’s is!


How to Build a Back Yard Fire Pit

Again, we found a great and easy project! To build this DIY fire pit we found on you will need stone pavers, bricks, cinder blocks or other non flammable building materials, sand or gravel, shovel and rake. Check out the step-by-step  instructions on the link above – they are so easy to follow!


$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Fire pit

Now, if you are looking for a super cheap and easy to make fire pit for your garden then this is the project for you! Check to learn, step-by-step, how to build a $10 upcycled fire pit in an hour. Sounds perfect right? And you won’t believe what is this fire pit made of - a recycled washing machine drum. Genius, isn’t it?


backyard bliss: installing patio pavers and a fire pit

It’s truly a bliss we’ve found this project at It is a simple project and every detail of the process is explained. The final result is stunning and we believe all of you will love it as much as we do. Just go over to to see all the details…


DIY Concrete Fire Pit

This concrete fire pit we’ve found on looks so good and it would work great in a contemporary garden! It maybe is a little bit more complicated to build in comparison with the precious projects, but the detailed tutorial you will find on the site will surely help. We just love the hot rocks on top – they are the perfect finishing touch.


How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

Just a few easy steps and you got yourself a fire pit! Yes, it can be as easy – if you don’t trust us skip to and see it your self. There are 7 easy steps you need to follow and as for materials you will need 98 landscaping blocks, gravel, sand, steel pit ring, metal grate, and tools: shovel, rack, tamper and level.


DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Now, if real fire in your garden is too much for you can build yourself a flameless fire pit! Not so sure? Go ahead and check what we are talking about at and you’be impressed as much as we are. This is probably one of the cutest things ever and such an easy and effective way to bring some warmth in your garden!


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