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A Fairy Tale Experience: The Mystical Pena Park in Sintra, Portugal


A few kilometers outside Lisbon there is a place with magical quality. Sintra is an enchanting site bewitched kings and poets, a site with almost mysterious quality. “[Sintra] Where Nature and Art Complement Each Other Wonderfully” this is what the most famous fairy tales author Hans Christian Andersen had to say about Sintra. Filled with enchanting palaces, mesmerizing gardens and exotic flora Sintra is surely one of the most charming yet mysterious places in the world. On a top of a hill just above the town of Sintra lies the Pena National Palace (or Palácio Nacional da Pena). It is actually a Romanticist palace that is  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. There is so much to talk about this beautiful palace, but what we would like to explore further is the magical vast forested area completely surrounding the palace. We are talking about 200 hectares of exotic greenery created by by King Ferdinand II who have ordered trees from different countries to be planted there. The collection is impressive, including North American Sequoia, Lawson’s Cypress, Magnolia and Western Redcedar,Chinese Ginkgo, Japanese Cryptomeria, and a wide variety of ferns and tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand. The Pena Park also features a labyrinthic connecting the palace to the many points of interest throughout the park. Being able to visit this mesmerizing place is a true fairy tale experience…

You can literally get lost in the park – it is that huge! Don’t even think about being able to see everything in less than 3 hours, maybe more. Actually once you start taking those lovely walks among fascinating trees and flowers you will feel like you have become one with nature and you will feel free and wonderful and magical. And the lakes with the white and black swans peacefully swimming, the small waterfalls, bridges… it all looks to good to be true. All this gives the place a mystical charm. The best way to show you what we mean is to give you a “virtual tour” of the park through mesmerizing photos – take a look and enjoy in the magical fairy talr…

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fairy tail experience mystical pena park sintra portugal 02 A Fairy Tale Experience: The Mystical Pena Park in Sintra, Portugal

Photo by Paulo Flop

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